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Our History

Late 1800s.

Judson A. Baldwin of Shelburne, Vermont developed the Baldwin dry air refrigerator in 1881. Baldwin is detailed in “American Ice Boxes” by Joseph Jones, Jr. including this incident: “The company exhibited at leading fairs and expositions around the country in the later part of the l9th century where they took gold medals and other prizes. Their obsession with producing a superior product resulted in others attempting to imitate the Baldwin. The company obtained the sole right to use the word ‘Baldwin’ as it applied to the refrigerator.”

Mid 1900s.

Prior to the conversion to Jackson Terrace it was Seiger Wholesale Grocer.


In 1973 this was the largest apartment complex in the entire state.  Since the inception of Jackson Terrace, the complex has always been family owned and run. Below is an imagine of our first model unit from the Fall of 1973.  Don’t you love that brown and orange look!  To the right is our workmen during conversion.

First model